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still drawing

2018-01-19 12:35:19 by sucho

907221_151638189012_IMG_4060.jpgHey everyone. I'm very disappointed in myself for not uploading more/updating earlier. I've let myself get wrapped up in duties of the home, but artistically I haven't uploaded because my hand hasn't responded so well with digital work as of late. I haven't pinpointed it yet, but doing digital art on my tablet has been causing immediate recurring discomfort in my thumb/wrist so I have been really discouraged from digital art. I desperately dont want to impede the functionality of my drawing hand by using it carelessly. I think it might be helped in the future with a different style of tablet, and i've been wearing a brace daily to baby it.

Anyway, I've been keeping busy artistically with lots of research and sketching. It is my hope one day to do an artbook, one focused less on drawing skill but on concept art for an original story/world. I love world building and i've been gestating ideas for some time now, and will continue for some long time more- but I realize these notes and sketches leave my page here rather barren! Despite that, I dont want to leave you guys out of it, not sure if I'll start uploading sketches or not, but I do have a scanner now so who knows how it might pan out this year. Anyway thanks for anyone's time spent here.





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2018-01-19 14:54:37

Hope you find a solution and feel better soon!


2018-01-19 17:14:13

Good luck! Weird nerve pain is the worst. Not sure if this is a good idea for sensitive wrist / hand issues (maybe google around) but I use a TENS for some nerve pain in my arm:

You could experiment with doing that on a really low level and see if you feel improvement.

sucho responds:

Hey Tom! thanks, i'll definitely look into that. I don't know much about electrode therapy devices but i didn't realize they could be in that affordability range, certainly more than toying with a cintiq!