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loved all the stuff you've done for NATA so far, i look forward to them each round. 2nd was still my favorite by virtue of having more runtime to develop the theme, but i appreciate that you attempted more technical stuff with this one

Butzbo responds:

Hehehh, right; I couldn't have enough time to completely plannify this one, so I chose to experiment a bit more on the animation side after I got an idea to fit the theme.
Thanks, :D great to know you're following the Nata shorts!

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tittybaaaalllls
dum smums um's appruvms.


For starters, there's no such thing as a G3 Applejack. The toy there was a G4. Second, Mr Ed is the funniest horse in the world and I am much in agreeance with ITakeStuff-Upmahbuttsrsly that Bravestarr is the best cartoon ever and needs a second series. jawsome

Spazkid responds:

holy cow!

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i cant believe this is released. has it been years? i feel like i was in grade school when i drew mine. it looks it. i remember how it was basically just damage control/poxpower pt 2.....and i failed miserably there :P
turkey was such a good sport for picking up after my pieces.

still....stampy's piggie scrotum made my day

BoMToons responds:

If I remember, you told Pox to make his as difficult as possible to blend into...that's prob my fav part of the worm just because of the utter chaos yet no visible seams.

in no way does this deserve a daily at all.

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with newgrounds.
It was okay, but not that fun.

idea was good, execution was poor.

sound was bothersome, it would have been nice to have a different music selection, and the ability to turn it off. (if there is, then an easier way to tell). the images were alright, it might have been nicer to have them appear full-size after the completion of a correct question. it was nice that you didn't get sent back to start every time, but it was still tedious to answer the previous question again, and try your luck a 2nd time. asking for a rating system at the end might be a little much, but there should have been a better bonus for completing, i didn't even have time to read the end screen before it went back to start.
still, its a good idea and it wasn't like there were glitches with it.

Kwing responds:

There is a way to turn the sound off! Simply turn the volume down on your computer! Yaaay! Hooray for Sucho! I commend you!

Second complaint/suggestion is valid, but I was lazy, sorry.

Yeah, I hate the quiz games that send you back to the start, and I didn't feel like adding a health thing like the Impossible Quiz.

And I didn't feel like putting in an extra button at the end, so I made it do that.

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hey am i right in thinking you were on the attendee list for this year's Pico day meet? shame for me that i didn't see you, i wanted to shake hands. love your stuff and i'm glad you're uploading again!

AlantheBOX responds:

yup! I was there for a few hours. they ran out of nametags, though, so, I would have been difficult to find I suppose.




i didn't request this. take it off. immediately.

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were you learning from direct reference with this one? because the lighting/shadow placement is really phenomenal either way. there's a really great perception of value and how/where the light source begins to drop off. your work will really go far when you start to use other brush shapes to vary up your textures.

supa cool, i really like actually that you can see its a two-page spread, it really makes me think of what a pop it'd be to find this in a book

MrCreeep responds:

thank you! i have been thinking about putting a book out. hopefully sooner than later :D

supa' kyoot

deathink responds:

yeah, zach and chris are lil QT's irl


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