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sucho's News

Posted by sucho - October 28th, 2020

=DRAWING vv :O =

Newgrounds is still my only social media page (bar a highly inactive twitter account- @NGsucho), yay! So I've always appreciated the vibe, community, and goods-first chat-later attitude i feel from newgrounds. Unlike FB or Twitter which requires lots of talking and consumption of other's talking, i can just dump images here and let them speak for me a little easier.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is that I haven't uploaded anything lately. for years.

While my last post about physical pains and poor tablet setup remains an issue for me, part of it is because i have been focusing entirely on a single amorphous project that i dont feel is very suitable to upload here in my usual shy, description-avoidance style when its not fully formed yet. My only computer right now doesn't handle web applications well so i also haven't been able to spend free time here either.

I wont promise either of these will change soon, (as its rooted in self-employed fickle finances) but i still wanted to express that i miss newgrounds, and always value the people who care to support and browse here, and when i do finish my project i can't wait to talk about it here first.

here's a rando Princess Zelda concept, (which i should really have resized on my work tablet, sorry) the very rare piece i did that has nothing to do with my current project.



Posted by sucho - January 19th, 2018

907221_151638189012_IMG_4060.jpgHey everyone. I'm very disappointed in myself for not uploading more/updating earlier. I've let myself get wrapped up in duties of the home, but artistically I haven't uploaded because my hand hasn't responded so well with digital work as of late. I haven't pinpointed it yet, but doing digital art on my tablet has been causing immediate recurring discomfort in my thumb/wrist so I have been really discouraged from digital art. I desperately dont want to impede the functionality of my drawing hand by using it carelessly. I think it might be helped in the future with a different style of tablet, and i've been wearing a brace daily to baby it.

Anyway, I've been keeping busy artistically with lots of research and sketching. It is my hope one day to do an artbook, one focused less on drawing skill but on concept art for an original story/world. I love world building and i've been gestating ideas for some time now, and will continue for some long time more- but I realize these notes and sketches leave my page here rather barren! Despite that, I dont want to leave you guys out of it, not sure if I'll start uploading sketches or not, but I do have a scanner now so who knows how it might pan out this year. Anyway thanks for anyone's time spent here.





Posted by sucho - November 11th, 2016

Hey guys i haven't died- just a quick update as i've been swept up into a massive project with HappyHarry but i haven't forgotten my own stuff and i've got a tidy backlog of sketches, some conceptual faces, backgrounds from harry cartoons etc that i will upload before the end of the year. with any luck there may even be some mixed media! I dont have a great scanner so i'm either thinking of doing more of my doodles digitally so i can upload them rather then keep them buried on paper, or just investing in a new scanner. either eay i'd like to share more of my smaller/ WIP works if people are interested in that sort of thing. gonna get back into this shit and start winning :*  thanks to everyone and all who has checked me out and of course everybody supporting Newgrounds!


Posted by sucho - March 9th, 2016



i'm going to Pico Day! this among other things has made april's schedule crazy hectic, thanks to all my commissioners for their patience while i finish up, I will do my best to square those away before i leave, i will be sure to email with an ETA for anyone who may be left before May 1st. thanks again!


Thanks everyone for the purchases! I have filled the slots available and have been able to pay the scary Jean Reno bailiff off. Harry and I both are deeply thankful and I will endeavor to get these commissions finished timely for everyone who ordered, my goal being before mid-april in general unless I have otherwise mentioned in emails. If you'd like to keep up with the progress- of course check my twitter @NGsucho - and I may do another run before Pico day. Thanks again for all the great requests and support!


Posted by sucho - March 7th, 2016


Yes its commission time! I'll be frank, this month/week is dire financially and I'm looking towards any avenues for extra funds, any LEGAL avenues anyway. I am also feeling more confident with my human references lately and would like some good field testing from you folks!

All the basic info you need is in the image but feel free to ask any further questions through the email provided! -All- proceeds go straight to appeasing our scary bailiff. He looks like Jean Reno

Posted by sucho - January 30th, 2016

Long time no upload (on my part, on my fault).

While i dont have a great scanning set up, i'd like to mark 2016 as having more uploads and that means from sketchbooks! Cuz i can't be fucked with digital! that doesn't mean i wont upload anything painted but i'm taking a break from that for a little while so i can brush up on my actual drawing skills, especially in regards to juicy anatomy. i've uploaded some new pictures, almost all done since the beginning of the year so i hope that will be a good start to keep me going. Here's to my page in 2016 having actual stuff in it.


Posted by sucho - April 13th, 2015

Yup I'm doing digital commissions! It's that Pico-oriented time of year again, and I'm trying to earn scratch to help with the trip to Philly. I'm opening up commissions, specifically character-based, at $25 a piece.

It can be your favorite fictional character, yourself as your favorite fictional character, yourself as a green chinese ferret badger, a poke-sprite mashup between Butterfree and Golbat, whatever!!! I'll even be defaulting to CMYK color format for easier printing (you can specify other special set-up instructions if you'd like)


If you would really like a background or more than 1 character per commission, that can be negotiated at an additional charge.

All acceptable payment is through paypal, just email me at sketchbutter@gmail.com (that email is for correspondence, not paypal payment) to get the ball rolling.


Posted by sucho - April 15th, 2014

It's been an emotional day for me, i've finally had to face that its looking very unlikely that i'll be able to come to the Pico Day office meet this year after all. Purely financial reasons, purely my fault. Last year i wasn't able to go due to visa reasons. i couldn't legally leave the UK, so this coupled with the fact that its the last office-based meet has been a hard blow to me. But i know most of the people that read this wont be able to make it to the office either, so i'm not going to wax sadness about it. instead i've just wanted to reflect shortly and share that I owe a whole lot to Newgrounds. its been an indisputably major part of my life, even if my actual site statistics/activity doesn't show it. From ng i've had an artistic outlet, source of entertainment, support, attention, critique and friendship. These things are much harder for me to come by in my local "real" life circles, and i'm grateful to ng for it. Virtually ALL my work and commissions have been via the generous Newgrounds community, and heck, its because of Newgrounds' willingness to reach out and gather fans in person that i met Harry Partridge- back at the NG booth Comic-con '09.

I'm sure i will meet the awesome staff here again at some point in the future if i really can't be at Pico day this year, but really i'm sad i'll miss out on seeing all the non-philly users.

i love being part of the NG community, and hopefully my page will reflect it and be more active for 2014 


w/ <3


Posted by sucho - March 28th, 2014

Just a post to let people know i am now uploading some choice backgrounds i've colored for Harry over the years. These are all illustrations that he drew the lineart for in flash, then i colored in photoshop. I'll be uploading many of these backgrounds raw, meaning that they might have colored background elements littered around the edge that Harry can cut & paste freely, or uncolored gaps where he's denoted that a character/other element will be covering that spot so i shouldn't waste time filling in the space, or just a generally odd outline to the shape of the background so he can do panoramic moves across diagonal angles etc. these will make sense when i upload them, but i leave it in in case people are interested to see more behind the scenes of things. so in short, sorry if these wont be desktop theme-friendly formats. I'll take some requests if people have any and i'll see what i can dig up! ALL THE DOORS, EMPTY BLUE SKIES, AND PASTEL GRADIENTS YOU COULD WANT!!! WORLDS OF FUN!

also, weh-hooo fp privileges


Posted by sucho - March 14th, 2014

I've deleted my facebook account and i've been thinking lately about taking down my deviantart as well. at the moment it does have more of my art than on NG in the scraps section, so i'm mulling over whether to close the account and leave as is or upload a surge of my old work to my page.. & if i do, i'd probably be tempted not to make them all publicly viewable in the portal so there's not a block of recycled thumbnails taking a day. what i wonder is - do non-public art portal entries appear in people's follow feeds?

man, these are really things i ought to know.

i have been sketching more lately, to offset the backgrounds i've been doing for Harry digitally, haven't uploaded any yet as i'm trying to fill out my sketchbook for pico day, after that date then i might upload some raw pages. my digital work interface still sucks for using, For people here that feel their main focus in art is static illustration, what does your desk setup look like? at the moment i have a medium bamboo fun i use with photoshop CS5, on a macbook pro. 

my main issue is the lack of being able for me to lean in close to see detail on a digital drawing, and freely rotate the image to accomodate my wrist movements, so i ask- does anyone use this setup? i know cintiqs are widely used by people here, but do people bother chipping in for desk arm to mount it, and have they found it to greatly improve their comfort + longevity with using the cintiq?


not much in other news. I'm heading back to Georgia in mid-april for about 3 weeks, en route to philly for Pico Day. Harry's asked if i'd ever want to start uploading backgrounds i color from his cartoons, what do you guys think?