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doin' it big league

2016-11-11 06:56:24 by sucho

Hey guys i haven't died- just a quick update as i've been swept up into a massive project with HappyHarry but i haven't forgotten my own stuff and i've got a tidy backlog of sketches, some conceptual faces, backgrounds from harry cartoons etc that i will upload before the end of the year. with any luck there may even be some mixed media! I dont have a great scanner so i'm either thinking of doing more of my doodles digitally so i can upload them rather then keep them buried on paper, or just investing in a new scanner. either eay i'd like to share more of my smaller/ WIP works if people are interested in that sort of thing. gonna get back into this shit and start winning :*  thanks to everyone and all who has checked me out and of course everybody supporting Newgrounds!



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2016-11-11 08:16:59

I just use my phone camera for sketches, which is a really good argument for investing in a scanner.

Anyway yeah totally upload your WIPs and sketches and Master Studies of deviantart How 2 Draw Manga traces, Sucho "Totally Not A Ghost Posessing A Ouija Board" Sucholastname.


2016-11-11 09:32:32

Lookin forwarrrd to those yuge udates! Cool news.


2016-11-11 13:09:54

Good to see you back! Looking forward to seeing those pictures hahah, have you looked into some of those mobile scanners?


2016-11-11 15:43:57

you're alive :O really nice


2016-12-14 14:54:02

Guess it was that Skyrim thing huh. :) It really was pretty yuge! Really wasn't expecting to see one of my favorite YT'rs collabing with some people from the Grounds (or vice versa)! Nice works.