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grounded, miss newgrounds

2014-04-15 16:42:34 by sucho

It's been an emotional day for me, i've finally had to face that its looking very unlikely that i'll be able to come to the Pico Day office meet this year after all. Purely financial reasons, purely my fault. Last year i wasn't able to go due to visa reasons. i couldn't legally leave the UK, so this coupled with the fact that its the last office-based meet has been a hard blow to me. But i know most of the people that read this wont be able to make it to the office either, so i'm not going to wax sadness about it. instead i've just wanted to reflect shortly and share that I owe a whole lot to Newgrounds. its been an indisputably major part of my life, even if my actual site statistics/activity doesn't show it. From ng i've had an artistic outlet, source of entertainment, support, attention, critique and friendship. These things are much harder for me to come by in my local "real" life circles, and i'm grateful to ng for it. Virtually ALL my work and commissions have been via the generous Newgrounds community, and heck, its because of Newgrounds' willingness to reach out and gather fans in person that i met Harry Partridge- back at the NG booth Comic-con '09.

I'm sure i will meet the awesome staff here again at some point in the future if i really can't be at Pico day this year, but really i'm sad i'll miss out on seeing all the non-philly users.

i love being part of the NG community, and hopefully my page will reflect it and be more active for 2014 


w/ <3



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2014-04-15 17:27:53

Also sad I can't be there for the last one, but feels like it's part of the bigger thing that the NG community is more split up and moved on now.

Newgrounds has done so much to build up the internet animation and gaming community, and inspired so many people to start. And it's just sad it's all slowly moved away from the site and there's not that core thing to bring everyone together anymore.

So much amazing stuff came from Pico day and the meets. Shame they aren't still going :(

sucho responds:

its silly, but selfishly, NG meets are like prom or class reunion for me. cheesy, but since i was homeschooled, newgrounds meets -primarily pico day- are one of the very very few social group outings i get to that are laced with formality, but still a fun atmosphere- and much more interesting + valuable people to hang with vs most graduating classes…..


2014-04-15 17:52:30

Next time you should get yourself NewGrounded :)


2014-04-15 18:04:31

In my opinion, NG is a better site than YT, especially since Google fucked it up.

sucho responds:

srsly at the end of the day, fuck google.


2014-04-15 18:37:10

I hope you'll watch Chat, come next weekend! It was more fun watching, than actually being there lol, mainly because of the slightly stuffy nature of the meet (everyone acted older than they were)... I felt like someone should've be hauling around d'ordurves.

Well, I guess I'll have to settle for your kind, introspective words, and wish you the best of everything via internet. I have faith that you and your work, will keep moving forward, in a more profitable and sought after fashion!

sucho responds:

yeah, i'm torn on that if it'll be too HEARTBREAKING to go on the chat, but honestly i should


2014-04-15 18:45:37

Oh and masteraardvark, yuflo(?) and lazymuffin had animations in the premiere episode of Ask Harry about it, see if it's worth the aggravation.... btw, will he be at the party? <3

sucho responds:

unfortunately its just not that much less expensive to send one person than two, so the cost of affording one person out is still prohibitively high right now for either of us to be too optimistic..but we're going to try till the bitter end :/ thanks i'll look up that link in a bit


2014-04-15 19:12:07

It'd be more heartbreaking if you didn't watch Chat, and didn't try screaming some text at us! I'll try and come early... I'll hang a post-it note on the monitor, reminding guests to be entertaining and engaging, and not surfing NG like they would at home |:


2014-04-16 03:37:25

That's a real shame, I was really looking forward to meeting you there, but hopefully you'll have other events to make up for it!

sucho responds:

hope so! i'm still looking down every avenue to make it, but i gotta be honest about my chances at this point.


2014-04-16 03:50:14

Are there any animations you don't help Harry with

sucho responds:

if you mean do i do outside work for other people, i used to but haven't so much lately. my movie page on here is pretty up to date with who has collaborated with me.

if you mean are there animations he does without my help? well yes and no. he's totally capable of doing the few tasks i can do for him, which are frame coloring, backgrounds, the occasional promo images, and more recently faux sprite-art. there are some cartoons where i do like 99% of the backgrounds, and even in the past there has been an animation or two where i've done the shading + highlighting for the animation frames as well, but more often now i just stick to bulk of a cartoon's backgrounds. in the project he's working on at the moment, its requiring a simpler background style so its about 50/50 so far with how many backgrounds i'm even doing for that.

i started helping out in spring 2010, and other than quick youtube update animations, i dont think there's an animation i haven't done something for since then.


2014-04-16 04:55:12

DOH! I was hoping to say hello to you in person!
That's okay, some other time for sure.

Until then I guess I'll just tell you how much your work kicks ass online.


sucho responds:

:O you kick ass too! your mediamuffin patch is still on my main carry-on luggage, I COULD HAVE PROVED IT TO YOU INSTEAD OF THESE WORTHLESS UNSUBSTANTIAL WOOOOORDS


2014-04-16 09:21:41

Oh well :P we'll probably run into one another in the UK again :)

sucho responds:

i'm really surprised actually how little of the hueg uk ng population i've seen during my uk years here. maybe its cuz i'm in SWINE-DON.


2014-04-16 11:44:24

Sorry to hear you won't make it this year. :( Maybe I'll bug Luis enough to do a UK meet sometime soon. At any rate, I'm sure there's going to be other meets, so just be optimistic about it.


2014-04-16 16:38:03

Maybe we could set up Skype so people could Skype into the event and talk to people.

sucho responds:

that could be really chaotic or really dope. either way i'd try it!


2014-04-16 16:38:51

Ah man, was super stoked to meet ya! I'm gonna piggyback off of Funy-Mony and echo that your work seriously does kick ass! A lot of it. Like A LOOT OF IT!

sucho responds:

:C if i don't make it, know i tried!


2014-04-16 18:32:07

Sorry to hear it didn't work out :( Always next year I suppose.. 2014 is your year ;)

sucho responds:

shit, it is. pressure :X


2014-04-16 20:35:50

Sorry to hear about that. I do understand your pain tho, its grossly expensive to get in and out of the uk. hmph.

I think although it could potentially be the last pico day at that office, i am optimistic about ng streamlining itself more. I think you (and Harry for that matter) are model creative people about how you never forget the people / places that help you get to where you are.

I think that even though it would appear that people are so called leaving, i think that actually the collaborative process is expanding and people are growing, not necessarily leaving, but just growing. Growing beyond the means of what a forum can do, beyond the means of what PM's can do, etc. There's always a flurry of activity going on through the sewers of skype and other modes of transportation and i think the animation scene as a whole is way more collaborative than its ever been.

I think at the end of the day though people still take pride in submitting to the site and going the rounds of the portal like anyone else. I think there are definately challenges for NG and other sites in regards to adapting to changing user needs and sure its a challenge but it always has been and NG is pretty scrappy about that sort of stuff.

Anyway, ill have to let you know when im back around englandtown.

sucho responds:


i can't be too depressed, but the old meets were fun and its sad to see them go, or at least elements of them change and adapt to other pressures, but who knows what the next avenue will be now that the office is closing. there may be better options and better ways out there of connecting that i'm just blind to because i keep up so badly with social networking tech of today. is it just so wrong to say that part of the reason i'm sad about missing this trip is because our go-to hotel was right next to a Friendlys? CAN SKYPE GIVE US THAT? :C


2014-04-16 21:02:44


sucho responds:

$50 rewards get a signed autograph from the haggard mom+ screaming child in the designated plane seat behind us


2014-04-17 09:27:33

make a kickstarter to build a friendly's next to your apartment or to punch Mick in the face

sucho responds:

or should it be a kickstarter to build a Friendly's that serves Mick punches in the face? i don't, i dont even...


2014-04-17 20:57:15

Hope you get to go to whatever they do next...and Good luck and i wish you the best.

sucho responds:

me too and thaaaaanks


2014-04-17 23:20:27

You're the best Sucho! I'll see you at PicoDay 2015.

sucho responds:



2014-09-21 08:06:20

Did you see the sculpture contest? I probably should've pressed you into doing something for it, but I take it you've been busy? When I stumbled onto your Mickey from the 90's piece, just got to thinking about you :)

sucho responds:

aw, no i didn't know about it! in fact i was just about to hit the 'cool sculptors & game devs' frontpage post to see what was up with sculpting all of a sudden. so i take that its over, dang! sadly though, being in the UK now i dont have a good studio set-up for sculpture, at least anything bigger than palm- sized, but i probably could have done a little sumthin' sumthin.


2014-09-21 11:31:27

Renaenae's got a contest that might be a bit of a sticky wicket, ends at the end of the month ;) Actually I'm glad you couldn't do the sculpture one, it was terrifying to help judge it! I offered to buy 3 supporter upgrades to sweeten the prizes, but Tom...

sucho responds:

aw you're such a good egg :P, and yeah i'll take a look at that contest! happyharry & i <3 bees


2015-03-22 13:48:21

Any chance on Pico day this year? It's sure to be even more of a gas than the last one ;)

sucho responds:

its crummy but i just can't say for sure. of course when spring comes around its the most prominent thing on my mind, and hopefully it can happen. but right now i have no way of telling because income is so sporadic :(


2015-03-24 07:12:03

Ah, okay, now I see what you mean about the man and woman pieces, morphing them in a nice gif, great idea, used to do it myself in Kai Goo (back in the day). You can still do it, just need another properly positioned man pic... the female one looked like it took a lot longer o_o

sucho responds:

gosh i dont even know how i could do it automatically, i would probably just do stick drawings of it just to get the idea across- textbook style. i'd love to learn how to submit moving gifs though


2015-03-25 16:45:13

Submitting and creating are two very different things... maybe ask this dude or
PM he's active here, he's animated a few himself.