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'Emergency Breakfast' 'Emergency Breakfast'

Rated 4 / 5 stars

loved all the stuff you've done for NATA so far, i look forward to them each round. 2nd was still my favorite by virtue of having more runtime to develop the theme, but i appreciate that you attempted more technical stuff with this one

Butzbo responds:

Hehehh, right; I couldn't have enough time to completely plannify this one, so I chose to experiment a bit more on the animation side after I got an idea to fit the theme.
Thanks, :D great to know you're following the Nata shorts!

Starbarians - Episode 1 Starbarians - Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tittybaaaalllls
dum smums um's appruvms.

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Bronies Bronies

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For starters, there's no such thing as a G3 Applejack. The toy there was a G4. Second, Mr Ed is the funniest horse in the world and I am much in agreeance with ITakeStuff-Upmahbuttsrsly that Bravestarr is the best cartoon ever and needs a second series. jawsome

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Spazkid responds:

holy cow!

Spend It Wisely Spend It Wisely

Rated 5 / 5 stars

favourite thing on newgrounds

i can't impress upon you guys how awesome this is. i wish there was more i could do than just fav'rate'commentin. like. babies. can i have your babies? please?

this is totally above par for anything on tv out there, i can see where some influences are borrowed a bit, like some setting/music/ mixed media interludes that have gotten quite popular from the likes of spongebob, chowder, and marvelous misadventures of flapjack, but this still feels a bit fresher to me and slightly more approachable to the tween/teen young adult audience by being a little zanier and engaging with the voice acting/editing cuts and expressions. really shows off how professional each one of you are. and fuck. you're all younger than me.

ps. outta curiousity, wut was the book used/image on the jigsaw puzzle for the wish sequences?

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TommyVF responds:

I nearly started crying reading this :') Really glad you liked it, cause I've always thought of you as having a weird but awesome taste (lol), so it means a little more than normal coming from you. I guess...

I don't really believe you when you say this is better than the tv stuff and chowder etc., haha, but thanks a lot. And if you mean it, watch chowder again or something. (zany, never heard that word before but I looked it up and THANKS.) fresher? DUDE. better for a teen/adult audience? REALLY? mission accomplished, lol.

Oh, and if there's anything you could do other than having our babies, it'd be making a splash screen or something for the sequel/for another flash we make. :) That's something I've dreamt of asking since Yotam used one in Nameless, and I would finally be able to die with honor. <3

Thanks a megalot, love you and your style, hope you didn't exaggerate too much, wanna believe that you like the animation as much as you say lol. Cause you're so awesome

-Markus (with Tommy's account, yea)

SailorMan SailorMan

Rated 5 / 5 stars


did you cut the ending with tuxedo mask? that was the best part, the ending is so empty without that chesthair. 10 for remembering the good times when this was in full.

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Spazkid responds:

I had to fix a animation, and resubmitted the file something with the file got corrupted AHH WELL.

Awesome Chaotix Awesome Chaotix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh shi...

ok finally i'm at a loss and i've nothing to WHIIIINGE about. this was awesome. it really looks like any remaining rough edges in your animation style are completely eliminated now. the line thickness was congruent the whole time, anatomy lacks nothing now for your style, and your eye for colour is spoogetastic. i've not really had criticisms for your animating skill before, but its just perfect and on display in this toon.
any grief i've had in the past was mostly due to writing and i think some repetitive voice-acting types, although i admit that's alot to do with just my personal bias. The flat monotone/ ultra ghetto voiceacting isn't new, however it does fit perfectly this time with the Sonic franchise because they've always been desperate to pander to the urban demographic. Also it seemed like there was a bit more variety and balance between the game-reference jokes and your original slapsticky-ness so neither got overused.

but what the fuck do i know. i never played it.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

losing it

this wasn't shit enough. lol

lately it feels like your stuff is starting to stew together and your individual series are starting to become less and less distinct from eachother. jerry jackson so far has been a wonderful scathing satire on the inept devolved preteen males that populate, and submit the hell out of, the portal. So far it has been devoid of the traits unique to your other works- like the odd introspection into life and the abrupt jarring violence that goes relatively unpunished- and suddenly introducing that just feels like the series is getting away from what made it special and funny.

it also seemed like the art style was slightly improved with more detailed limbs for the images that weren't recycled and more fluid actions, which i'm guessing was just accidental and subconscious, but in my opinion you have to really fight that because JJ is funnier the WORSE and more horrible and indecipherable the animation is. the brick bashing scene i think was probably the best example of that. it was too much like watching salad fingers, when JJ would probably animate it by just inserting frames of giant red shape-tool blood dots vs the entire arm motion and the localized blood splatter. just my perception there.

I still like Jerry Jackson, its a rare kind of satire that is exactly what it makes fun of and still manages to be hilarious from it, but lately they dont seem true to form. this one especially.

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Dance of the Manwhore Dance of the Manwhore

Rated 5 / 5 stars


all my fondest dreams come true

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

hnnnnggggh!!! hhhnnnnnngggghhh!!!!!

(that's me fondly dreaming
...or dreamy fondling)

Badly Drawn Dawg Series 3 Badly Drawn Dawg Series 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

just bought a shirt

...with store credit, i hope that doesnt cheapen it too much.

seriously though, i love this series. i can tell you probably went through great pains to make it appear as if this didn't take quite a bit of work.. while 'badly drawn' there was still alot going on in the backgrounds, tons of alternate and varying animation angles and action, cute plots and fantastic transitioning with the very apt copyright-infringing music. this was the first time i heard the portal song Still Alive so i can never think of it properly without all the big fat octopus asses included.

i would have loved to see this continue then, and still do now, but if this was truly the finale it was a good tidy run. money well spent here.

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Why Terry is Gay Why Terry is Gay

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yer welcum b0ney

i nu he wuz gh3y frum tha earring