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to anybody

Posted by sucho - July 5th, 2010

Hello Newgrounds.

i've always had a funny idea that i should write up some word document for someone to post here in the event that i died. i'm not known much here by members in real life, and my account would slip into inactivity without the 3 people that follow knowing why.

well. i never did write it. concise words of profundity and thanks aren't my strong suit at all, and especially not any kind of goodbye, but this site as a whole means so much to me, and i want you guys to know that before its too late for me to say so.
i'm sure others can sum up the function and goals of NG better than me, so i'm just going to ramble about how much this place means to me personally, and what a home it is.

i'm not really a tumbleweed, but i have lived in a fair amount of places over the US, switched around schools, eventually dropping out of the public system altogether to homeschool online. now because my homeschooling curriculum was about as challenging as a pacman colouring book, i had to find other ways to fill out my school day to allow mumsy to believe she's spending thousands wisely. i found newgrounds.

now, glorious caches of free content aside, it took me a long while to actually discover the reason i kept coming back to this site. its real. its full of real people and a real community. staffers that are good snarky lovable bastards, that are the best coke mules ever to have all the $$$ they spend to keep this community strong. i'm forever indebted to these guys for letting me tag along to their live meets and get-togethers - which are innumerable and fun, seriously check em out guize. but these people are skilled artists and technicians first, businessman second, and i think that deep down that's why newgrounds has remained fun, expressive, chaotic, and blissfully illogical - just the way day-dreaming real-world rejects like me can understand and interact.

but seriously, you'll not find any other domain on the web with a better, more sincere, cut of artists/ animators/ composers/ and creators out there. from the cheapest spam to the most gorgeous solo fbf toons, you can just tell people are having a good time and enjoying what they do. i dont deserve a single chum i've made off this site's expense, and certainly not the free booze'n'grub i'm offered out of Tom's basement.

-and i'm certainly no big fish, i've not been treated differently from any of you - heck anyone whose reading this has most likely contributed way more to NG than i ever have, so i really hope this place is even more special to you guys that keep it growing. i can't thank everybody enough for providing the best e-home i can ever find. i hope it lives on way longer than i do

so i put down my pills, and my glass of magic koolaid, because i can't wait to see you chaps outside again.

thanks for everything
- J

to anybody

Comments (19)

Well spoken. I too cannot imagine a better place that I'd like to spend my time. It's always nice reading things like these.

yea. the only thing better i could think of would be interning at HQ, lucky devil!

Just a quick question on one of your art pieces: on Bros b4 ho's, what is in Leo's Hair? it looks like Satan lit it or something.

yes in fact that is the case

your contributions to this site far outweigh anything most of us have put into this,i hope your death comes very very late,i hope you know how much your art is admired and appreciated,you have shown me a completely new form of art and abstract design,it looks like you could make your own kind of fucked up world(thats definitely not meant to be offensive) but anyway,what youve written here shows all of us that you are truly a great person,and alot of other thingies that i cant put into words,im honored to have an artist like you on this site,thanks again

thank you thank you, here's the $$$ i promised you, please don't let on that i cry without big strong tough internet websites like NG around to protect me.

Its sure as hell a fun site even for us europeans!

is there a filter enacted on your end to make your votes 25% stronger than american users?

We must chill once more at COMIC CON!











I say again, THANKS.


...For the comment(s).

...we should do this again sometime.

Sucho you play with my heart and mind :PPP too bad you can't go!

hnng, so many newgrounds meets, so little time :C

does anything fun happen at newgrounds meets?

i think its high time you joined in to start some.

i've always wanted to see somebody deck *insert popular controversial user of the day*

Don't know if would to travel hundreds of miles to sit in the corner and watch other people talk. Then again, that kinda sounds fun.

when you dont calculate the cost, travel time, and the biases you've built up towards everyone on the internet ever, its actually really fun.

I <3 your art.

i <3 your....uh....submit something already! i guess comment will have to do

i <3 your comments

Christmas, why the hell are you guys so fucking DARK? Life isn't as hard or as bad as any of us think it is (I just recently discovered this). I'm surrounded by failure and used to be in on it. Just work your ass off for 3 months and you'll get what you're working for. Ignore the losers.

No need for all this depressing BS.

(PS: L&amp;S is 'da shit!)

its the website. its all this gunmetal grey putting things into perspective.

&lt;3 ya and I don't even know ya

be careful spreadin your love around, who knows where my user account has been

in that american hotel i gave you a facial while you were asleep

awwww i was hopin Harry had sneeezed. i still has it in a jar. but i shall treasure it now for different reasons