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wiener, wiener weeeenerr

2013-12-06 17:22:52 by sucho

i haven't been visibly active here in a long time, what gives?

nothin' special. Not that i've lost any feelings for newgrounds, nonononono-i just genuinely haven't done anything in the last few...years...

shamefully, if i don't have anything to upload to NG, i feel i've lost my function here, but i finally acknowledge how lame that is and i hope to rectify the situation.

I've been living in the UK since may 2011. i left my studio (ie art-spattered loft in my parent's house) behind which meant i haven't been able to do any sculpture or physical painting in that time. While i assumed that when that day would come it'd be that i'd be swallowed into some structured art occupation like special effects or some kind of sculpting manufacturing. when actually i've ended up settling down and doing digital art on the side like 1940's housewife and her victory garden. her cock-and-dinosaur smothered victory garden.

in that while, i've realized how much i loathe digital painting. i hate it. i don't know photoshop well at all, and i never took any formal art education so going into this blind with only the techniques i've picked up via sketchpad doodling. I've learned that those tangible methods of pawing and fussing with your drawing are too alien for me in the tablet-to-monitor interface i use now (STILL TOM, THANKS FOR THAT REPLACEMENT TABLET <3<3<3<3) i know that lack of education isn't much of an excuse. Many incredible, gainfully employed artists here on NG aren't hindered by that, but photoshop has always been my stumbling block. i've fully realized my ineptitude with the software but i have no scanner so i haven't been able to upload sketches either. after this holiday season i hope to rectify that with either learning and acquiring tools to utilize photoshop better, or getting a proper scanner and taking up ye olde arte of painting. either way i apologize to any followers and these shitty half-formed psds.907221_138636806092_shitillneverfinish.jpg

<3 da newgrounds

Africa Dudes is still the best <3


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2013-12-06 18:18:55

Well, glad to hear you aren't dead at least! So, what you're saying is, you're a traditional artist, one who prefers art you don't need to plug in... sounds legit.

Have you seen any of Banksy's art around? Plenty of amazing artists operate out of Britain.. why not you?

sucho responds:

shit's $$ here! seriously, everything's twice the price and thrice harder to find. the only art store i can walk to (i can't drive) closed down for my general craft needs and i haven't been able to find a UK-based supplier of my clay/maquette resources. its sadly budget-important for me to find someone to ship within the country because the supplies i need to sculpt and make props are physically too heavy to order from overseas without uncompromising fees.
but i can afford sketchpads so i guess thats my recourse until i can live in the states again... but i may look into investing in a screen-inside tablet like cintiqs if it means i can freely rotate/zoom my work surface like a normal sketchpad. that would cut down on like 60% of my drawing time if i didn't have to fuck with that constant disconnect i think.


2013-12-07 08:57:28

Sounds like you need to press the web more, maybe take ass transit to a store that stocks what you need. And a burly sort to help you carry it home ;)

(Updated ) sucho responds:

hah mebbe. i know the stuff i need -exists- in england, i'm just not sure if its as readily available to obtain freelance. of course there are working FX studios here, but from what i can tell they still have to pay outside shipping and in bulk. its almost like this is an *island* or something. tbh i think special effects sculpture is just not possible here and i'll have to find a different medium.


2013-12-07 13:41:23

Soo, the prices there are too much?
Imagine shipping must be mondo mucho dinero.

Could always scrounge for money here, by way of commissions.... surprised Tom hasn't commented here yet. Think you'll be out this way for Pico Day next year?

One last spammy remark... my Ma used to draw in the 1940's, but after she got married and had kids, she stopped. She showed me her pad and it was astounding. Then she threw it away, saying that's who she used to be, and didn't want the reminder of those days to remain :\

(Updated ) sucho responds:

clay is something that, really i could probably bring from home with not too much pain in flight-luggage costs...really its the gypsum and latex. latex would be pricier than i'd like- but gypsum/plaster is something you typically buy upwards of 25-50 lb quantities of (non-reuseable quantities), and i already have to pay 80+ dollars on shipping items around the 30-40 mark. thats really whats been crippling, but its tragic because plaster is cheap in the states and used only by small-frys like me. actual effects studios use a kind of fiberglass, but it needs giant molding ovens in order to make it. plaster is the cheap in-house substitute, and it can't even be the cheap white stuff you find in craft aisles everywhere, it has to be next to concrete strength, yet smoother than porcelain. again, a cheapish material in the states, but has proved impossible for me to locate here. what kills me though is i'm probably just not aware of what model #/name its called in the UK...since it seems like a product that'd have use here. sorry, lots of shop talk and i bet the excuses are tiring.

shame about your mother- at least if she feels it was a shame. similarly, my mum n' dad wanted to open up a car tinkering shop together, but when two daughters came along it meant she had to come out of the workforce and he had to stay there :/



2013-12-07 16:39:48

Oh man, I worked with cement, not so much plaster, but can understand the complexity of what material compositions do what... sounds like a genuine conundrum, one that might be addressable... maybe hang around an art school for the day, see if you can pay a student to ask....

Could try a dash of Portland cement in the cheap plaster mix, good bonder, but would probably crack. If I were you, I'd ask Sabtastic, the NGBBS, everywhere; your current portfolio grants you a day or two of blitzing the internet with questions.

I was a bit of a surprise, and my bro and sis were out of high school and the house... both parents on deck, especially during a recession. Don't think my ma was ashamed, just that it was a part of her innocence that died when she got hitched and with child... Terrible how women were treated back then, and she had a mastery of curves and shapes, expressions. She drew Disney characters, a Snoopy... some real life subjects on a full sized pad.

My Pop was a gearhead as well, however, a few weeks ago, his sizable and historical collection just got auctioned off, and.. for scrap value it seems. It was like burying my old man all over again; couldn't stay for the auction, had to get a hotel room :p

sucho responds:

well, i hardly re-use molds, so as long as it didn't fracture while doing the initial separation i wouldn't mind. its the pore size of the cement that just has to be glass-perfect. while its not visible (i hope) in the picture of the star wars bith head in my gallery, the topside of his head is just covered in fuzzy bumps from a particularly bubbly batch of plaster. my fault, but thats just showing how even my preferred mix isn't even ideal all the time. i've had to stitch together loads of molds in plaster too when they've separated tragically.... but i dunno, far less frustrating then figuring out how to manage the fuckin' stylus contact margin on my tablet. yes, really i'm dancing around the big issue i have, its that i never do art unless contracted. i see no purpose in 'art for sake of art' and i'm on the fence right now if its wise for me to develop a new studio here, or bide my time with coming to grips with digital art before moving back to the states to pick up my things there. there's always the chance that myself and HappyHarry will do live action shorts again, but if its not going to happen soon in the UK, i really really should save my $$ until we can secure some real estate back home.

i've been thankful that my parents are doing alright on an empty nest, as really neither of them have devoted any time to themselves and hobbies they might have wanted to pursue when we were growing up. they were real selfless for us- for whatever reasons they had. i dont know who will do what with dad's vinyls upon vinyls though............


2013-12-07 17:49:44

Are you and Mr. Partridge... close? It must be tough to tell if there's a market for your work there, without trying first :\ Maybe add silicone..? My, what a long conversation we've had!

Hate to ask how many records your Pop has; I got just over a hundred, but haven't moved them since my back surgery earlier this year.. and they do need to be moved :p

Seriously, you should nose around the Art forum here, see if you can gain any insight. Also, you haven't posted any links on your NG profile... If I wanted to commission work from you, where would I find you, and at what kind of prices?

sucho responds:

yup, hence being in the UK. its certainly not due to a love of tiny houses, lazy postmen, and corned beef.
nooooo idea how many records, i have not seen them in person. they've long been trucked from storage unit to storage unit along with his massive mechanic..tool..chest..bench..collection..collection. every man needs a collection. even five.

yeah this journal is stage 1 of integrating back into the art forum again. i dont post commission prices because honestly, i've never been good at pricing my own work and i don't have the set up at the moment to trust that the work i would get could be done in any kind of timely manner and to my standards. my last two projects (sculpture) were wildly different from each other and done purely for exposure, which sadly neither panned out for differing reasons. i would still gladly work for no profit if my supplies were paid for! i still have much more to learn before feeling comfortable negotiating my own price. working in a team environment would be ideal.


2013-12-08 00:42:55

Just glimpsed your Twitter thing, nice to see you keeping in touch with the usual suspects of NG. Did you do a greeting card for the X-mas card exchange? I... didn't :( Luis somehow roped me in... guess that's why I don't frequent the BBS as much as I'd like. Plus I have Asperger's, so I'm apt to say weird shit at times.

As far as work, charge by the hour! Any time drawing or researching the commission gets figured into a time estimate. If you're determined to be an artist, I'm sure you'll experiment, ask, and plan your efforts, to good effect. The longer you're at this, the less likely you are to screw up. Don't ignore the challenge of illustrating what exists in your minds eye ;)

I asked G3no here to do a commission (since he asked for one and has basically ignored me), maybe you could do it? The description of the image I'd like is here, and it seems a challenging piece

(Updated ) sucho responds:

sounds like a beast from the book of revelation, as told by a blue drunk romanian alien robot..thing....
things of that nature i'd definitely rather do in conceptual pencil sketching than in digital format, the latter being more of a focus on color study than line detail. but at the moment i don't have any methods of scanning drawings online so i can't help you there :/ but i am looking forward to going back to beasts instead of constant backgrounds once i do have a scanner hookup.

my contributions to the art portal have mostly been through the yearly calendar. though, mentioning it now i completely forgot to look into it this year D: as well as a handful of other contests. i haven't been able to participate in any of the card trades as again, it encourages either handing in the raw sketch or having a decent printer setup.


2013-12-08 21:47:40

Or you could just mail me the sketch, durr. Scanners don't cost all that much, one commission, and yer set! You got a better shot at things now, than I did in the 90's, trying to use a computer to edit video |: Best I could manage was sound overlay and renting editing suites.

Anyway, I get the idea this isn't your day job, so don't sweat it, just keep drawing and sculpting, don't get rusty.